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With new mini and long versions, LF1D light units can fit any application. The brightest in their class at up to 67.2 Lumens/Watt, the LF1D series provides even lighting able to illuminate not only the target object, but a wide peripheral area while keeping glare and heat generation to a minimum. A new mini unit is compact at only 100 x 50 x 25mm (4 x 2 x 1-inch), making it great for smaller sized machines, where high light output is needed but space is at a premium. Mini versions use one large LED light engine, rather than several smaller LED dies, eliminating shadows and distributing even light over a wide area. 

One of the longest industrial grade lamps in the industry, with 365mm or 510mm (14.4 or 20-inch) models to choose from, our LF1D long versions have an ideal shape, lower color temperature (4700K) and high power 2000/3000lm luminous flux making them perfect for replacing traditional fluorescent lamps. The flat light design reduces glare and multiple shadows, as well as improves visibility from a distance. IP67f/IP69K rated, all LF1D light strips are resistant against water, dust, oil and chemicals. They are ideal for applications including machine tools, food & beverage processing machines, automated manufacturing machines, printing machines or test equipment, scanning vision systems, commercial range hoods, underground utilities, as well as any applications with harsh environmental factors such as vibration. 

 All LF1D light strips are Cool White with 24V DC voltage, retaining 70% of their initial luminance at 50,000 hrs. Side connection and back connection options are available. Plus a removable direct plug-in terminal block with spring clamp connections to ensure high-quality connections, making it easy to install these units. Manufactured with a sturdy die-cast aluminum housing and stainless steel front cover, LF1D light strips are also RoHS compliant, mercury-free, CE marked and UL listed.


  • up to 67.2 Lumens/Watt
  • can fit any application
  • Cool White
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