Linear Actuator


Linear Actuator is designed for positioning requirements in electronics, semiconductor, medical, packaging, assembly equipment, automotive, and other challenging applications. The Kerk Linear Actuator is the first linear actuator to incorporate Kerk’s trademark qualities of high precision, long life, innovative design and patented technology in a value-priced rod-type linear actuator. The Kerk Linear Actuator is leadscrew driven and provides an electromechanical alternative to a pneumatic actuator, improving accuracy and motion control in packaging industry applications. The ability to precisely move the actuator to any position and vary the speeds within the stroke, allows for flexibility and adjustability to accommodate the multitude of sizes, shapes and package changes. The actuator eliminates the noise, air quality and cost associated with pneumatics. The Kerk Linear Actuator is maintenance free and does not require lubrication. It is reliable and provides long life even in harsh environments. The Kerk Linear Actuator uses both Kerkote® TFE Coating and Kerkite® high-performance composite polymers in combination with Kerk® Precision Lead Screws, and has the ability to outperform its competitors at a cost-effective price. Designed to accept NEMA size 17, 23, and 34 motors, the Kerk Linear Actuator gives designers and engineers the same performance and design flexibility found in all Kerk products.
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