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Rollon USA has launched the ELM series of linear units, the first in the company's new family of Actuatorline products. The ELM series is available in several sizes, offering designers a range of stroke lengths, load capacities, and shuttling speeds to meet different application requirements. ELM units are made of anodized aluminum extrusions for high mechanical strength and low weight, plus a steel-reinforced polyurethane timing belt with either an AT pitch or parabolic profile. 

All ELM units are equipped with polyurethane sealing strips to protect internal parts against dust and foreign matter, with an optional bellows for critical environments. The ELM units feature a maintenance-free ball bearing guide fitted within the extruded body and offer speeds to 5 m/s, high load capacity and bending moments, low friction, and a service life of 20,000 km without re-lubrication. Body dimensions for ELM units measure from 50 x 50 mm to 110 x 110 mm and maximum axial loads range from 530 to 2,650 N, with stroke lengths from 100 to 3,700 mm, depending on the model. All units support loads in any direction and may be installed in any position. Units may be fitted with a variety of drive systems based on application needs, with the driving pulley attached to the reduction gear shaft by a tapered coupling to ensure high accuracy and long life. 

Versions with a planetary gear are well suited to highly dynamic robotic, automation and material handling applications involving stress cycles and high-precision requirements. Standard models are available with clearance from 3 to 15 ft. and reduction ratios of 1:3 to 1:1,000. Versions with worm gears are suitable for applications involving low speeds and accelerations. For applications where movement of two linear units in parallel is required, a synchronization kit is available for easy installation. Where multi-axis units are desired, a specialized set of fittings including brackets and cross plates connect ELM units to each other and to ROBOT units within the Actuatorline product family. 


  • range of stroke lengths
  • polyurethane sealing strips
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