Linear Rail Systems


Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc. is proud to introduce its latest product line, Linear Rail Systems. The Haydon Linear Rail System uses a precision leadscrew assembly to provide controlled positioning along the axis of a robust linear slide. The Linear Rail System consists of a stationary base with a load bearing carriage that travels along a custom-extruded wear resistant aluminum rail. A Haydon powered Linear Rail System uses either a Haydon size 17 hybrid external linear actuator or for greater performance, an optional size 17 hybrid double stack external linear actuator integrated into the slide for a complete single axis positioning system, or the system may be is provided with various leads and shaft end configurations that accommodate virtually any source of rotary power. The Linear Rail Systems also offer control of slide bearing play with a patent pending self adjusting linear bearing. Integrated “T” slots accommodate full length support and various mounting options. Loads easily attach to the compact moving carriage with your choice of four or six screws. Designed to metric global engineering standards, the rail provides end to end axial stability and precise motion system accuracy. For extreme control, the Linear Rail Systems can be used with Haydon’s high precision anti-backlash nuts including “C” compression style, “W” wedge style, as well as Haydon freewheeling “N” style nuts. Typical applications include medical, instrumentation, plant automation, CNC equipment, food and beverage automation, packaging and custom machinery.
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