Linear Roller Guides


Tschudin & Heid linear roller cages and guides are components for machine, instrument, tool and fixture applications.  The novel design of the rollers and cages allows the displacement of moving parts in an axial direction through the use of parallel shafts and sleeves.  No radial movement is possible.  This novel construction is particularly appropriate in cases where heavy loads must be moved in confined spaces without loss of precision or rigidity. The use of special “rollers” instead of balls results in line contact with the guide rather than point contact as with ball-type guides.  

Because of this line contact, pre-load at assembly can be kept low, which produces a low surface pressure between the rollers and guides. Inspite of this, the bearing is rigid, accurate and can be heavily loaded.  The rollers are arranged within a plastic or metallic cage in spiral fashion, spread over the entire surface area of the shaft and sleeve, leading to a longer service life of the guide unit. This is also a low maintenance unit, requiring only a thin lubricating film for normal operation.  Complete cylinder linear guides, comprising shaft and sleeve with matched roller cage can be supplied ready for fitting to customer’s specifications.  


  • no radial movement is possible
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