Linear Stepper Motors Provide Constant Positioning Force Over Full Range of Travel


Johnson Electric introduces Saia® UAL series Linear Stepper Motors.  These motors deliver constant positioning force up to 30 N over the full travel distance of up to 15 mm, at speeds up to 4.16 mm/s at 200 Hz. They feature a unique removable bayonet-style flange for easy mounting, a flexible design that easily accommodates various custom requirements, and a compact 20 x 30 mm footprint to deliver advanced performance in space restricted applications.

Saia UAL series motors are available in unipolar or bipolar models, with performance attributes that make them well suited for use in instrumentation, valve control, dispensing, metering pump, auger and medical automation applications.


• Distance of up to 15 mm • Speeds up to 4.16 mm/s at 200 Hz • Compact 20 x 30 mm footprint
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