Linemaster Mini-Varior Foot Switch


The Linemaster Mini-Varior potentiometer foot switch was designed with a robust formed steel cover and rugged polymeric base for ease of use and long life in a multitude of applications. The Mini-Varior is a compact version of our existing Varior for those customers looking for a smaller foot print with the same great performance. These switches are offered in momentary action and are available with a SPDT auxiliary snap switch that operates at the beginning of the treadle stroke. The resistance value (in Ohms) of the potentiometer used in the Mini-Varior must be specified by the customer. These foot switches can be used on a variety of equipment such as welding equipment, potters wheels, electric vehicles or anywhere variable control of a motor is required. Custom switches are available upon request and options can include special cordsets, private labeling, custom paint finishes, and cordsets built to the customer’s specifications.

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