Liner Bushings


FEATURES: The CarrLock(TM) System requires that each fixture plate have one mounting hole designated as the primary reference hole (Primary Liner Bushing) and one mounting hole designated as the secondary reference hole (Secondary Liner Bushing or Slotted Locator Bushing). All other mounting holes should be drilled clearance holes used for clamping only, not locating, .015-.030" over nominal size. Made in USA.


PRIMARY REFERENCE HOLE: Each fixture plate must have one Primary Liner Bushing as its primary reference point. Primary Liners have a tight ID (+.0002/+.0007" tolerance) to provide precise reference in two-axes.

SECONDARY REFERENCE HOLE: Each fixture must have one secondary reference point, either a Secondary Liner Bushing or a Slotted Locator Bushing. Secondary Liners have slight ID clearance (+.0010/+.0020" tolerance) to avoid binding. Slotted Locator Bushings have a tight ID tolerance in one direction and full relief in the perpendicular direction. Slotted Locator Bushings provide better accuracy than Secondary Liners, but take a few extra steps to install, and are not available in all sizes. Note: a Primary Liner could theoretically be used as a secondary reference if hole locations are held to +/-.0002".

SIZES: Primary and Secondary Liner Bushings are available for all Ball Lock Clamp shank diameters — see Dimensions page for part numbers:


Slotted Locator Bushings ar are available for the following shank diameters:


MATERIAL: Primary and secondary liner bushings > 52100/1144 steel, heat treated Rc 58-64. Slotted Locator Bushing > Tool steel, heat treated Rc 58-62, black oxide finish. Roll pin for slotted locator bushing > Spring steel.

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