LinkMotion driver software and USB controller board


LinkMotion is a revolutionary new product from Solustan, which guarantees to save you time and money. LinkMotion is a 32 bit driver software compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and 2000 operating systems using printer driver technology. Once set and initialized, LinkMotion hides in the background just like a laser printer driver. Solustan released the LinkMotion USB product. LinkMotion USB is a combination of USB controller board and the LinkMotion driver software. It is using EMC2 Gcode compiler, one of the robust Gcode compiler around with thousands of users. The applications are many. This is a very relevant product for the world’s manufacturing marketplace. This is the first low cost, high performance USB solution for the motion control marketplace. Applications of the LinkMotion USB CNC applications for up to 6 axis machines Engraving machines with all classic engraving features Flame cutting machines Waterjet cutting machines Foam cutting machines Wood routing and wood inlay machines Vinyl cutting and sign making machines Cake decorating machines Photo mat cutting machines Motion controls and PLC functions What is it? This product is a combination of the LinkMotion driver software and the USB controller board. LinkMotion driver is compatible with Windows XP and 2000 operating systems. Additionally, it is compatible with many popular applications like Corel Draw, AutoCAD, DolphinCAD, AcceliCAD, Rhino, Instant Engineer, Adobe Illustrator, EngraveLab, FlexiEngrave, Xenetech, MaxMotion, and others. The job can be designed and simply ‘Printed’ to the USB port for the USB controller via LinkMotion. The USB controller is a 3 inch X 3 inch size printed circuit board with a USB 2.0 compatible interface to connect to a PC. The board handles up to 6 axis of operation with step/direction commands, 6 inputs, 5 outputs, and separate connections for Home switches in each of the axis. How Does it work? LinkMotion USB picks up vector (cutting line) information from the application when the job is ‘printed’ to the LinkMotion driver. With the preset information for acceleration, resolution in each of the axis, feedrates, dwells, depths, and lifts, LinkMotion will prepare and send appropriate M&G code commands in one millisecond time increments to the USB controller. When the job is transferred to the controller, it will start processing and machine will go through necessary motions to complete the job. The numeric keypad of the PC keyboard is used as a Control Pad for the machine to jog, position, go home, repeat a job, decrease or increase feedrate while the job is in process, surface the tool, pause, continue the job, check spindle motor, I/O controls, and other functions. Benefits 1. LinkMotion accepts jobs directly from many popular application programs. No need to save and/or convert files. No need to learn another piece of software. 2. Once received, LinkMotion converts the job to G code commands using EMC2 standard G code conversion utility. Most of the preparatory work is done in the PC. It reduces the load on the USB controller. This is why it is powerful but low cost controller solution. 3. EMC2 is proven and used by large number of users worldwide. 4. USB 2.0 high speed interface is the most common interface on today’s PC’s. 5. Once the job is transferred to the controller, the PC is free while the USB controller processes the job. 6. Bring in your own design of 3D G codes and have LinkMotion process your 3D job using the USB controller. 7. Controller design is simple. It requires the USB controller, motor drivers, power supply, On/Off switch, and optional emergency switch for a complete implementation. 8. Use low cost, off-the-shelf, wireless key pads or PC keyboard to control the machines. Lowers the cost of building the controllers and lowers the cost of support. Features A. Design your job in one of the popular, off-the-shelf applications like Corel Draw, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, and others......Simply ‘Print’ the job and LinkMotionUSB will send it to your machine equipped with our USB controller board. B. Use EMC2 standard G-Code commands for 3D operations and ‘Print to Machine’ from your favorite application for 2 1/2D operations like engraving, routing, CNC, plasma torch cutting, waterjet cutting, foam cutting, and other similar operations. C. Preset but expandable materials menu, positioning of a job, keyboard controls for axis moves, Z surfacing, home switch handling, flexible start position, acceleration/deceleration setup and control, maximum step rate 75,000, 6 inputs, 5 outputs, spindle motor on/off control, and easy controls for speed, depth and dwell are provided. D. Older machines can be upgraded to work with Microsoft Windows' graphical interface and plethora of advantages can be had for your business. All of this is yours for a fraction of the cost of acquiring a new machine. E. Simple USB cable is all required between your PC and the machine. F. Specialized single line and multiline engraving fonts are offered optionally to perform fast and cost effective engraving jobs. G. Wired or wireless numeric keypads can be used to control the machine. H. Upgrading features of the driver is as easy as installing the latest version of LinkMotionUSB driver software on your PC.
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