LioN Series I/O Modules


Midlothian, VA – (June 1, 2006) Lumberg, Inc. introduces LioN, their new compact I/O modules for DeviceNet and Profibus-DP applications. The new LioN Series is comprised of two housing styles, the LioN-S and the LioN-M. LioN-S has an ultra compact housing with Pico (M8) I/O and Micro (M12) power and bus connectors and are available in 8-channel versions. LioN-M has a compact housing with Micro (M12) and Mini (7/8”) power connectors.Features include: Universal I/O functionality: can be used in any combination of inputs and outputs without the need of any configuration, thereby reducing costs and inventory requirements. Expanded diagnostics capabilities: Each connector (two channels) in LioN-M and each channel in LioN-S have a separate short circuit diagnostic, meaning that in case of a short circuit only the affected channel goes into a short circuit state. All other channels are not influenced. Diagnostic LED: each connector makes it easy and fast to locate the problem. The diagnostic is reported through the Fieldbus, making it easy to generate error message e.g. on an HMI for faster reaction times. Optimized spacing between ports. This guarantees easy handling even when splitters or field attachables are used. Flexible mounting options: Mounting options include lateral mounting holes for the use on standard aluminum profiles, side mounting holes or four mounting holes in the corners for increased stability. Innovative un-potted design: makes it possible to achieve the same shock and vibration resistance that was until now only possible with potted modules. This results in a lower weight which has clear advantages if the modules are used in a moving application like robots or C-tracks.
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