Litheon™ 36V Flexible Power System


Litheon™ 36V Flexible Power System (FPS) is the industry’s first lithium-ion battery platform with the option of two different task-specific 36V battery packs – the Litheon 36V SlimPack and 36V FatPack. With FPS, users can now customize their 36V tool to the application based on weight and runtime, an innovation only Bosch Litheon can offer. “Professionals demanded more power and runtime without additional weight for years to tackle heavy-duty applications,” said Edwin Bender, group product manager, Litheon, Bosch Power Tools. “Bosch Litheon answers the demand, and for the first time, with FPS, enables professionals to customize their tool with the option of two task-specific 36V battery packs.” The 36V SlimPack weighs less than a 14.4V NiCad. It delivers twice the voltage and up to 15-percent more runtime than competitive 18V tools. The pack’s lightweight design makes it perfect for one-handed and overhead applications with a drill/driver or hammer drill/driver. For those looking to step up and replace their corded tool, the 36V FatPack delivers twice the voltage and runtime of an 18V NiCd battery without a weight penalty. Forty-five-degree bevel cuts and ripping plywood with a circular saw, reciprocating saw demolition work, and series drilling into concrete with a cordless rotary hammer are just a few examples of the heavy-duty extended usage applications meant for the FatPack. Now, professionals have more than one 36V option to meet their needs. The Bosch 36V platform is only possible because of unique Litheon battery technology. During development, Bosch took advantage of the inherent benefits of lithium-ion technology – maximum power, more runtime and lighter weight. While other manufacturers only monitor temperature and cycle numbers, Bosch went one step further and incorporated innovative cycle-life redefining features. Bosch was the first to manage energy flow with Electronic Cell Protection (ECP). This innovative technology communicates operational data between the tool and battery to control energy flow and avoid potentially damaging conditions. Together with an innovative pack design incorporating special cooling fins and vents, Bosch Litheon battery technology delivers superior cycle-life and reduces the number of replacement batteries needed over the life of a tool.


*No Load BPM: 18000 *No Load RPM: 0-450 and 0-1,500 *Rating: 36Vorque (in. lbs.): 600 *Weight (lbs.): 6.1 lbs. with SlimPack (w/o Assist Handle) *Weight (lbs.): 7.2 lbs. with FatPack (w/o Assist Handle)
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