LMG Grippers - Hygienic Gripping as a Standard



SCHUNK introduces a new line of Automation Components especially designed for the food industry. The 2-Finger Angular Gripper Type LMG 64 has been designed to conform to the stringent requirements of the “Hygienic Design” of the food handling industry. SCHUNK is the first manufacturer having a gripper in hygienic design as a standard product.

The gripper housing is built out of high-quality stainless steel, which is easy to clean and completely corrosion-resistant. The completely sealed mechanics of the gripper are appropriate for use in extreme working conditions. All the lubricants used for this gripper are compliant to the standards of the food industry.

For increased versatility of the gripper, the LMG can be delivered with customised fingers in order to meet various requirements. For further security, the grippers are equipped with an integrated spring ensuring that gripping force is maintained in case of air-loss. Monitoring of the end-position can be achieved by using proximity switches, which are located in the housing of the gripper. The operating pressure for the LMG 64 is between 4.5 to 6.5 bar, the achieved gripping force is 520 N. The opening angle of the fingers can be adjusted between a range of 20 to 180 degrees.

With this new gripper, SCHUNK is the first manufacturer of automation components to offer a gripper in Hygienic Design.



• Opening angle per jaw ° : 90.0 • Overtravel angle per jaw° : 2.0 • Closing moment Nm [lbf ft] : 31.5 [23] • Closing moment ensured by springNm [lbf ft] : 5.1 [3.8] • Weight kg [lbs] : 3.0 [6.61] • Recommended workpiece weightkg [lbs] : 2.2 [4.85] • Air consumption per double strokecm3[in3] : 57.0 [3.48] • Nominal pressure bar [psi] : 6.0 [87] • Minimum pressure bar [psi] : 4.0 [58] • Maximum pressure bar [psi] : 6.5 [94] • Closing time s : 0.4 • Opening time s : 0.5 • Max. permitted finger lengthmm [in] : 80.0 [3.150] • Max. permitted weight per fingerkg [lbs] : 0.26 [0.57] • IP rating : 69K • Min. ambient temperature°C [°F] : -25.0 [-13] • Max. ambient temperature°C [°F] : 90.0 [194] • Repeat accuracy mm [in] : 0.1 [0.0039]

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