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Appleton Mfg. Division is pleased to announce the release of its all new RollMover XHD (Extreme Heavy Duty). This is a much anticipated product release that will fill a tremendous need for those in the most demanding industries who need to move extremely heavy loads. The RollMover¬£ XHD was developed in response to increasing weight and torque requirements from partners and customers. The RollMover XHD is field tested and proven to withstand some of the most demanding moves in any industry. It is currently being used by customers to move heavy truck chassis as well as wire and cable reels that weigh up to 100,000 pounds. In addition, several current RollMover HD paper mill and corrugator customers are now using the XHD when they require extra weight capacity for safety. 

A few of the main highlights of this design include: 

  • 100,000 pounds plus weight capacity
  • New chassis design for improved performance
  • Reversing Capability
  • Rechargeable NiCad Battery
  • Programmable Speed Controller
  • Enhanced torque 
The RollMover XHD is now being offered as part of the standard Appleton product line and can be viewed on its website. It has the ability to move just about anything that will roll.


  • 100,000 pounds plus weight capacity
  • Reversing Capability
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