Locking-Pin Bushings


FEATURES: Locking-Pin Bushings are equipped with a retainer spring clip on the inside diameter. These bushings are used with Locking L Pins, Locking T Pins, and Locking Clamping Pins. Made in USA.


SIZES: Available for the following pin diameters, most in a choice of lengths — see Dimensions page for part numbers:

 1/4 6mm
 5/16 8mm
 3/8 10mm
 1/2 12mm

INSTALLATION: Locking-Pin Bushings are designed for a press fit in a standard reamed hole. Secure with a Lockscrew to positively hold the bushing in place.

MATERIAL: Locking Bushing > 8620 steel, carburized-hardened, black oxide finish. Retainer clip > Spring steel.

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