Cooper Wiring Devices today announced the introduction of the new Pro-GripTM 50A locking plug and connector line. Recognizing the critical need for speed and innovation in the electrical market, Cooper Wiring Devices 50A locking plugs and connectors respond to this need with a host of truly innovative features. Pro-GripTM 50A locking plugs and connectors are made of high-impact-resistant nylon and feature the first three-step locking design on the market to decrease installation time. Assembly requires three simple steps: 1. Attach conductors 2. Insert plug/connector body and turn one quarter, and 3. Insert Pro-GripTM lock into slot and tighten cord clamp screws. These three steps offer an alternative to other products, which require additional screws used to mount the plug body to the exterior shell. “Speed is important to electricians in the field, as well as OEM assemblers,” said Matt Conger, Product Line Manager, Cooper Wiring Devices. “The less time spent on assembling these units means less downtime, less cost and increased productivity.” The industrial grade 50A Pro-GripTM locking devices’ durability provides a secure connection under harsh and abusive conditions. This makes it ideal for construction sites, shop and factory floors or anywhere a secure connection must be maintained under extreme conditions. In addition to the newly designed Pro-Grip nylon locking devices, Cooper offers a complete line of industrial specification grade rolled steel armored designs, as well as Marine grade 50A locking devices including plugs, connectors, receptacles and flanged inlets.
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