Loctite® Structural Acrylic Adhesives


For the structural assembly of metals - especially aluminum components, Henkel Corporation has introduced two new Loctite® Structural Acrylic Adhesives formulated to fixture in just five to 20 minutes, and to deliver excellent peel and shear strength once cured. Loctite® H8100  and H8110  Speedbonder Structural Adhesives provide tough, long-lasting bonds and are designed to reduce or eliminate welds, rivets and threaded fasteners. Both Loctite® H8100 and Loctite® H8110 Speedbonder Structural Adhesives are green-colored, two-component acrylic adhesives that cure rapidly at room temperature.  Loctite® H8100  fixtures in 20 minutes, while Loctite® H8110  offers ultra-fast fixturing in just five minutes.  Both adhesives feature glass spacer beads that maximize toughness and prevent adhesive from squeezing out of the joint during clamping.  These products are available in 50 and 490 ml dual cartridges.

Offering a lower total assembly cost when time and labor are factored in, these structural adhesives provide shear strengths similar to overlap welds and are stronger than spot welds and rivets.  They can be used in the assembly of agricultural/construction equipment, specialty vehicles, appliances, signage, tubs/spas, building components and other industrial bonding applications. 


  • formulated to fixture in just five to 20 minutes
  • excellent peel and shear strength once cured
  • green-colored