Long-Distance Ultrasonic Sensors Feature 1000 mm Scanning Range


Baumer Electric has expanded its existing family of Series 20 Miniature Ultrasonic Sensors to include seven sensors capable of long range measurement up to 1000 mm. When mounted up to one meter from the target, the compact sensors will deliver highly precise non-contact proximity, position and distance sensing on sound reflective substrates including clear, glossy and opaque materials regardless of color.

The sensors feature an integrated teach-in button that allow the user to customize settings, and a lock out feature that prevents unwanted output programming changes. A four-pin M8x1plug connector provides easy wiring options. With an IP 67 rated polyester housing measuring 20 x 42 x 15 mm, these compact sensors are ideal for space restricted applications. All seven sensors are available with discrete (on/off) or analog outputs. These self-contained units offer high repeatability and high detection speeds.

The 1000 mm Series 20 Ultrasonic Sensors can be used in a range of industrial processing, automated manufacturing, and original equipment applications. The sensors can be designed into heavy equipment, printing machines and robotic components. They can also be used as monitoring devices on automated food/beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, metalworking, textile, and packaging production lines.


• scanning range sd 100 ... 1000 mm • scanning range far limit Sde 100 ... 1000 mm • repeat accuracy < 0,5 mm • resolution < 0,3 mm • sonic frequency 240 kHz • response time ton < 80 ms • release time toff < 80 ms • alignment aid target indication flashing • temperature drift < 2 % of distance to target So • voltage supply range +Vs 15 ... 30 VDC • output current < 20 mA • residual ripple < 10 % Vs • short circuit protection yes • reverse polarity protection yes • type rectangular • housing material polyester / die-cast zinc • width / diameter 30 mm • height / length 65 mm • depth 31 mm • operating temperature -10 ... +60 °C • protection class IP 67
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