Long-Term Grease Keeps Turbines Spinning


Klüberplex BEM 34-131 N is a specialty rolling bearing grease designed for increased reliability of wind turbine generators. Formulated to perform in automatic lubrication systems, it offers high load-carrying capacity, corrosion protection, and a long lifetime.


Klüberplex BEM 34-131 N can also be used for rolling bearings subject to oscillation, high loads and vibration. In wind turbines, these considerations are found in every rolling bearing, including blade bearings, main bearing, yaw and generator bearings. Due to targeted formulation, Kluberplex BEM 34-131 N can excel in a diverse variety of conditions.



  • Increased reliability of wind turbine generators due to excellent corrosion protection, good resistance to weather and a wide service temperature range
  • Longer service life of rolling bearings due to good wear protection, also under vibration and oscillation
  • Reliable operation due to good pumpability and metering via centralised lubrication systems
  • Low frictional resistance, reduced wear and component temperature due to excellent lubricity
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