Longer-Life, Food-Grade Lubricant


Ingersoll Rand has released Ultra FG, a new, longer-life, food-grade lubricant for rotary air compressors.  Ingersoll Rand Ultra FG lubricant offers longer maintenance intervals and better protection from damage due to deposits, corrosion and degradation all while complying with FDA and USDA H-1 regulations for incidental food contact. Furthermore Ultra FG is both Kosher and Parve certified and is compliant with NSF International for use in the food and beverage industry.  Ultra FG contains an antimicrobial agent that helps protects the compressor lubricant against bacteria, yeasts and molds. 

The antimicrobial agent also helps protects the lubricant from contamination caused by food-borne microorganisms and inhibits lubricant degradation providing you with longer lubricant life and reduced maintenance costs.  The custom formulation of Ultra FG provides an optimized combination of anti-wear agents, rust inhibitors and antioxidants that demonstrate a synergistic performance advantage over traditional air compressor fluids. With extended change intervals of up to 6,000 hours, Ultra FG keeps your compressor running better for longer and reduces downtime.  

Ultra FG, unlike conventional polyalphaolefins (PAOs) fluids, has excellent solvency and dispersing characteristics that prevent depositing of ingested materials. In addition, Ultra FG is hydrolytically stable and readily separates from water, so that the lubricant does not emulsify or break down into destructive acids and alcohols when mixed with water.  Studies have shown that the additive chemistry in Ultra FG significantly reduces wear over conventional oils, dramatically increasing component life. It also outperforms both synthetic and conventional fluids in thermal and oxidative stability testing, which translates into longer drain intervals, trouble-free operation and increased resistance to varnishing.  In applications requiring food-grade air compressor lubricants, Ingersoll Rand Ultra FG not only provides extended lubricant life but also maximizes your compressor’s performance and reliability. 


  • for rotary air compressors
  • longer maintenance intervals
  • protection from damage

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