Low-Angle Ring Lights Provide Enhanced Contrast Lighting for Vision Sensing Applications


Banner Engineering Corp. announces a new addition to its extensive line of lighting for vision sensing applications. Banner low-angle ring lights connect directly to Banner PresencePLUS® vision sensors or an external power supply to provide optimal illumination of an inspected part by enhancing the contrast of surface features.

“No matter how powerful or robust a sensor is, successfully solving challenging vision applications relies heavily on matching the vision application with appropriate lighting,” said Dan Holste, director of Banner vision sensors. “With the right lighting, the vision sensor will reliably detect the features it’s supposed to at the desired speed.” Holste adds, “Selecting the correct light is a major factor in determining overall success or failure of your vision sensing applications.”

Applications. A low-angle ring light provides illumination over an area. The lighting, nearly perpendicular to the direction of an inspection enhances the contrast of surface features. The light illuminates the area directly in front of the camera emphasizing surface irregularities such as dust, dents, scratches and other surface defects.

Examples of low-angle lighting applications include:
--Illuminating stamped or dot-peen bar codes
--Detecting etchings in glass, metal or plastic
--Counting solder balls
--Detecting missing material and roundness in the opening of plastic bottles
--Inspecting for subtle changes in surface texture on metal sheets

The 150 mm low-angle ring light uses three tiers of bright LEDs for high-intensity, low-angle illumination. Models are available with infrared or visible red LEDs and offer a choice of continuous or strobed operation through a dedicated strobe input line. PresencePLUS low-angle ring lights include a 2 m attached cable with threaded 3-pin Pico-style pigtail quick disconnect for direct connection to a P4 sensor or flying leads to connect to a 24V dc power source. Banner PresencePLUS low-angle ring lights are compatible with competitive vision sensors and are priced at $845.

A family of affordable vision sensors. Banner's extensive line of PresencePLUS vision sensors includes standard-resolution and high-resolution, single-purpose and multi-purpose vision sensors, as well as lighting, lenses, brackets and other accessories. One reason Banner’s PresencePLUS vision sensor products are so successful is because they share a user interface considered the most intuitive on the market today. It is available in nine languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. With the PresencePLUS’s intuitive interface, even operators with only basic computer skills can easily set up an inspection.
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