Low-Cost Direct-Acting Solenoid Valves


SV-3100 Series 2-way solenoid valves are direct-acting valves featuring brass and stainless steel construction and Viton®seal material. The temperature range of -10 to 137°C (14 to 280°F) is ideal for neutral media such as compressed air, inert gases, water, and synthetic oils. Electrical connection options are a 1/2" conduit plug or strain-relief connector.

Ideal for Compressed Air, Inert Gas, Water, and Synthetic Oils


* Mounting Position: Any (preferably with solenoid system upright) * Maximum Process Temperature: 137°C (280°F) due to FKM O-ring * Maximum Ambient Temperature: Coil dependent (See ratings on coils) * Voltage Tolerance: ±10% * Opening Time (msec): AC: 10 to 20 DC: 20 to 80 depending on orifice and pressure * Closing Time (msec): AC and DC: Approx. 20 to 30 * Cycling Rate: Approx. 1000 cpm * Duty Cycle: Continuous (100%) * Coil Molding Material: Black Polyester (Class F): SV8COIL-115AC, SV8COIL-24DC/60HZ, SV8COIL-24AC/50 to 60HZ, SV8COIL-220AC Black Polyamide (Class F): SV8COIL-12DC, SV8COIL-24DC Black Polyphenylensulphide (Class H): SV8COIL-115/60HZ
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