Low Cost, High Accuracy Automated Extrusion Scanner


Laser Design, Inc. announced the immediate availability of the PM-300 Extrusion Profile Monitoring System, a high accuracy laser scanning system for monitoring extrusion profiles in real-time. Already installed at a major U.S. window manufacturing company, the system automated their manual measuring process that previously stopped production lines, costing them millions in lost revenues. The PM-300 system's three laser probes monitor the two-dimensional cross-sectional profile of molded vinyl and wooden products used in window frame construction.

The PM-300 is the first low-cost complex profile monitoring system with exceptional ±.1 mm accuracy. It checks multiple complex feature measurements at the rate of twelve times per second on inline extrusion production lines. The continuous monitoring happens in real-time during the manufacturing process, so every extruded portion is verified to be within spec. Corrections can be made right away whenever the ongoing measurements indicate a problem. When thousands of parts come off the line per day, the cost and time savings potential is enormous.

Laser Design, the world leader in 3D scanning technology, markets the PM-300 system worldwide. "Our Extrusion Profile Monitoring System is affordable for all types of extrusion scanning applications, both large and small," said C. Martin Schuster, president of Laser Design. He added, "Window rail component manufacturing is a good example of where this system can replace the time-consuming, off-line periodic sampling process that stops the production line with uninterrupted non-contact profile monitoring using our laser scanners. Productivity is greatly increased and accuracy is continuously monitored by the PM-300 system."

When profiles are monitored on a nonstop basis, any deviations from spec are caught immediately and corrected, before the production line makes hundreds of faulty products. "This technology is perfect for monitoring extrusions of aluminum, wood, vinyl, vinyl-clad, and rolled steel shapes," Schuster continued. "The PM-300 system's successful implementation in the window manufacturing industry is just one example of the many industries that could benefit from using the technology."
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