Low Cost Single Channel Strain Gage Single Conditioner


Calex Mfg. Co., Inc of Concord California announces the availability of the 6202 Series of single channel strain gage signal conditioners. The 6202 utilizes a unique case design for mounting on a S Beam Load Cell.

This case design can also be used in a variety of other mounting configurations for single channel applications. The unit is housed in 1" x 2" six sided shielded case with a mounting flange. Total dimensions are 1.31" x 3" x 0.47" high.

The 6202 is designed for low cost applications requiring basic strain gage signal conditioning. For load cell excitation, the 6202 has a built-in 10Volt excitation supply capable of providing up to 30mA. The amplifier gain of the 6202 is selectable by model and ranges from a gain of 2 up to 2965. The voltage output of the 6202 ranges from -3 Volts up to +15 Volts full scale. The linearity of the amplifier from 0-10 volts out is ±0.01%.

The common mode rejection is 100 dB. The 6202 also includes a two pole output filter with the cutoff frequency set at 10Hz. The 6202 can be powered from any DC source between 18 and 26 volts. The quiescent current of the 6202 is 5mA making the maximum current draw 35mA if the bridge excitation supply is at full load. The 6202 is backed by Calex's Five Year Warranty. Units are available from stock to 8 weeks. OEM pricing is below $40/unit.
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