Low g Accelerometer with Temperature Compensation for Low Frequency Monitoring


Measurement Specialties’ new Model 4000 accelerometer is an economical signal-conditioned accelerometer with integral temperature compensation. Designed to be the lowest cost DC-response accelerometer in its class, the Model 4000 is a true plug and play test and measurement device that will outperform much more expensive models. Specifically designed for low frequency monitoring in transportation, test, instrumentation and vibration sensing applications, this lightweight device features a ±2V FS output with a ±2.5 V reference that offers end-users a single-ended output or the capability for differential configuration use. Options are offered for dynamic ranges of ±2g to ±200g. Operating from a 8 to 24 Vdc power supply, the Model 4000 draws a minimal 5 mA of current while operating over a -208C to +858C temperature range. The screw-mounted, high performance housing endures abuse encountered in rail, off-road, agricultural, industrial, recreational and racing environments. Epoxy sealing provides ample protection against humidity while the basic design of our 2nd generation MEMS sensing technology offers up to 5000 g shock protection. The Model 4000 has a linearity of ±1% FSO and frequency response from 0-250 to 0-1500 Hz. With sensitivities of 1000 to 10 mV/g, this unit will provide reliable data easily integrated into data acquisition or monitoring systems. Either with the standard integral cable or connector options, measurement professionals will find the Model 4000 easy to install as color-coded, electrical schema are provided with each unit.
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