Low Hydrogen Stick Electrode Improves Productivity, Reduces Rework


The Hobart 418 electrode provides excellent arc starts and restarts, produces a virtually spatter-free arc, and creates a flat weld bead profile with a fine rippled finished appearance. To minimize post-weld cleaning, the Hobart 418 features an easily removable slag that in many cases is self-peeling.

The Hobart 418 electrode provides excellent penetration and a weld puddle that washes into the sidewalls with no undercutting, both benefits that minimize costly rework.  The Hobart 418 also has the ability to weld smoothly on moderately dirty or rusty materials.

This electrode is an ideal choice for conditions of high heat and humidity due to its low moisture absorbing characteristics.  In low temperature applications, the Hobart 418 provides extremely high impact properties at temperatures as low as negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows for its AWS E7018-1 designation.

Hobart Brothers offers the electrode in 10- and 50-lb. hermetically-sealed cans and 5- and 10-lb. P-Paks (plastic re-sealable containers).


• Type of current: • DCEP or AC Available diameter and recommended operating ranges: • 3/32"(2.4 mm)..............80-100 amps • 1/8"(3.2 mm)..............90-150 amps • 5/32"(4.0 mm)............110-230 amps • 3/16" (4.8 mm)............150-300 amps • 7/32" (5.6 mm)............220-350 amps • 1/4"(6.4 mm)............270-380 amps Typical Charpy V-notch impact values (AW): • Avg. at -50°F (-46°C) 108 ft.lb. (147J) Typical mechanical properties (AW): • Tensile Strength (psi) 76,000 (527 MPa) • Yield Strength (psi)64,000 (440 MPa) • Elongation % in 2"33%
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