Low-Peak® Upgrade Advantage Fuses


Electrical reliability and safety are critical for productivity, and protecting personnel and equipment.  To help meet these objectives Cooper Bussmann has created the Low-Peak® family of current-limiting fuses for use in main, feeder and branch circuits (up to 600V), or for supplemental protection in equipment, panels or assemblies. Unlike circuit breakers, Cooper Bussmann Low-Peak fuses are the overcurrent protection solutions that never require maintenance or calibration – providing constant, reliable performance.

Cooper Bussmann® Low-Peak fuses provide:
More downtime reduction.  Users receive Type 2 “No Damage” motor starter/controller protection plus faster troubleshooting with fuse indication.  Low-Peak fuses are available in Class L, J, CC and RK1 to meet virtually all system protection needs.

More workplace safety.  The current-limiting Low-Peak fuse minimizes incident energy to reduce arc-flash hazards to the lowest levels possible.  Interrupting ratings up to 300kA minimize the worst fault current conditions. Plus, the Low-Peak CUBEFuse® is IP20 finger-safe.
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More Code compliance.  Low-Peak fuses help reduce fault currents to meet new assembly Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) requirements for equipment installations. And selective coordination is easy with a 2:1 amp ratio between upstream and downstream fuses.

All with less inventory and cost.  Consolidating to Low-Peak fuses reduces inventory by up to 33 percent. Users get less waste, less confusion with fewer dollars tied up.  A simplified inventory of Cooper Bussmann Low-Peak fuses (and other Cooper Bussmann fuses for special requirements) reduces the number of fuses users have to stock, buy and track – and minimizes fuse replacement errors.

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