Low Pressure Transmitter


The Ashcroft® CXLdp low pressure transmitter is specifically engineered to provide stable, reliable static or differential pressure measurement in HVAC comfort control systems.

A small housing and multiple mounting options allow the CXLdp to be easily mounted on a DIN rail, conduit or wall. With a convenient detachable terminal block electrical connector, the CXLdp can be installed into a panel without power interruption.

The CXLdp is available in ranges from 0/0.1 through 0/25.0” H20 and in accuracies of ±0.8 and 0.4% FS. Other standard features include high over-pressure capability, LED status light and a CE EMI/RFI immunity rating.


  • multiple mounting options
  • detachable terminal block electrical connector
  • ranges from 0/0.1 through 0/25.0” H20