Low-Profile Leak Diverter


New Pig Corporation has recently introduced the PIG® Low-Profile Leak Diverter to catch leaks in tight spaces and channel them away before they damage the environment,  equipment or create a slip hazard.

The PIG® Low-Profile Leak Diverter is composed of a durable, vinyl-coated, nonpermeable material that resists punctures, mildew and degradation.   The compact size of the Leak Diverter allows workers to target spills –even in tight spaces – and can be used as a long-term maintenance solution or as emergency response when a leak is discovered.

Ideal for use indoors and out, the Leak Diverter is UV-resistant for up to 12 months and flame-resistant for added safety.    The Diverter accepts a standard ¾” hose connection to safely channel liquid to floor drains or to a collection container.


  • catch leaks in tight spaces
  • resists punctures, mildew and degradation
  • flame-resistant
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