Low Profile Solenoid Valve Connectors


Canfield Connector’s new 5FR and 5JR series of solenoid valve connectors incorporate full-wave bridge rectifiers inside fully molded connectors. Both series convert alternating current to direct current, reducing coil burnout due to valve sticking while eliminating the “hum” of alternating current. The low profile “straight-line” interface/cord configuration of the 5FR and the low profile 90° interface/cord configuration of the 5JR make these versatile connectors well suited for installation in many applications with space limitations.

Both connectors are made from rugged, flexible polyurethane and have high durability housings. The 5FR and 5JR connectors come in black standard or white translucent which is available for lighted versions. The 5FR and 5JR connectors have an IP67/NEMA 6 rating and their integrated gasket design makes it impossible to lose a gasket. Canfield Connector’s Series 5FR and Series 5JR are proudly manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards.
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