low speed high torque hydraulic motors


White Drive Products (Hopkinsville, KY) has released a new family of low speed high torque hydraulic motors. Designated the WR series, these motors feature flow rates up to 61 lpm [16 gpm] continuous, torque to 66 Nm [5800 lb-in] continuous, and pressures up to 172 bar [2500 psi] continuous. Intended applications include agricultural augers and spreaders, industrial sweepers, conveyors, construction equipment, skid steer attachments and more. WR motors feature seven precision rollers to eliminate sliding friction and improve motor efficiency. The design incorporates a three-zone spool valve, integral check valves and a provision for a case drain to reduce pressure on internal seals and improve seal life. A smaller eccentric rotor set enhances the smooth operation of the motor and increases drive link life. Heavy-duty drive links with special features reduce drag, increase motor efficiency, and increase spline life. 12 displacements are available ranging from 40 cc [2.5 in3] / revolution to 404 cc [24.6 in3] / revolution. A wide variety of mounting, shaft and porting options are available to meet all application needs.


Displacement: 2,5-24.6 cid(40-404 cc ) Max speed: 1120rpm Max Flow : 16 gpm (61 lpm) Max pressure: 2,500 psi.
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