Low Viscosity Epoxy Features Non-Yellowing Weatherability


Master Bond Inc. has introduced EP21LSCL, a two component low viscosity epoxy resin system featuring optical clarity and non-yellowing properties. Utilizing a formulation of unique chemical structures of both the resin and the curing agent components, Master Bond has substantially improved the weathering properties and color retention. The cured polymer exhibits excellent gloss and optical clarity even after two years outdoors exposure in Florida, USA, especially when compared with other commercially offered epoxy resin compositions. It is therefore recommended for coating, bonding, sealing and casting in outdoor service or applications requiring superior performance and color retention upon long term service. Easy flowing EP21LSCL is easily and smoothly applied without the application of pressure. As a result of a viscosity less than 1500 cps it is sprayable. It wets surfaces and fills volumes quickly and completely readily developing high physical strength properties and good chemical resistance to water, acids, alkalis, salts, fuels and many organic solvents. EP21LSCL’s tensile shear strength is greater than 2000 psi (140 kg/cm2) and its service temperature range is from -50°C to +120°C (-65°F to 250°F). It bonds well to metals, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanized rubber and many plastics. The EP21LSCL system is an outstanding electrical insulator with a dielectric strength greater than 400 volts/mil making it ideal for severe conformal coating applications. Its superior clarity means it is also recommended for optical, opto-electronic and display applications. EP21LSCL is now available in syringes for convenient manual or automatic dispensing as well as in pint, quart, gallon and 5 gallon containers.
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