Low Voltage Disconnect


Littelfuse announces the new SureStart™ Compact Magnum 250 amp low voltage disconnect (LVD), the most powerful solid state LVD on the market today. Electronically sensing battery level and conserving starting power, the Compact Magnum prolongs battery life by preventing damage and eliminating dead battery service calls and lost time. 

The module is ideal for protecting onboard electronics and other equipment used by truck fleets, recreational vehicles, utility trucks, and automobiles. The Compact Magnum is the only LVD that can handle up to 250A, yet its compact size fits within a small 5x5x3-inch space. It automatically detects if the system is 12V or 24V and disconnects when battery voltage falls below an established threshold, reconnecting when the battery is recharged. No action is required by the vehicle operator to protect the batteries. The new LVD can be mounted in harsh environments and is sealed to IP67 standards, featuring easy to connect sealed Deutsch-type connectors. Offering solid state reliability and resistance to vibration, the Compact Magnum creates less electrical noise and interference, and eliminates spikes. Metric tinplated copper terminals add to the Compact Magnum’s reliability.    


  • protects onboard electronics
  • fits within a small 5x5x3-inch space

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