Lower the Cost of Installation and Operation


The innovative Ashcroft® DXLdp low differential pressure transmitter delivers unprecedented reliability for critical air flow, room pressure and air handler applications. Equipped with the exclusive Ashcroft® SpoolCal(TM) option, this transmitter can be validated, zeroed and calibrated while on line, without ever having to disconnect the pressure tubing. Diagnostic indicator lights and easily accessible test jacks enhance the ease of testing while DIN rail mounting makes installation a “snap”. Simple installation, low maintenance and easy validation add up to significantly reduced costs of operation.

To learn more about the DXLdp, visit www.ashcroft.com, contact the factory at 1-800-328-8258 or email info@ashcroft.com.


* The exclusive patented Ashcroft® SpoolCal® actuator provides in-place system calibration without disturbing process tubes * Front access test jacks provide on-line signal reference without removing wiring * LED range status indicators for instant troubleshooting information * DIN Rail Mount - dramatically reduces installation and calibration costs * 2:1 range turndown options * CE standard with all outputs * On-board voltage regulation allows use of lower cost, unregulated power supply