LS series Robotic Dispensing System


Designed for automatically dispensing RTV, Epoxy, Lubricants, Adhesives, Potting, etc, the Long Stroke (LS) series dispensers can automate that messy and tedious manual operation. The built-in digital syringe/valve controller and motion processor (w/ CF memory card) result in high speed/accuracy production in a compact bench top package. The system is network (LAN) connectable and requires no PC for operation.

With the LS’s unique drive system, virtually any stroke length may be provided. Advanced motion profiles and a library of pre-programmed paths (lines, dots, fills, etc) are included to streamline the operation. The system is also available in FDA, GMP grade construction.  Shown is Model LS-6006 – 60” X axis travel, 6” Y axis travel with optional R axis valve mount.
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