Lubricant and Anti-Rust Inhibitor


 Fluoramics, Inc. announces its newest product, HinderRUST™, a zero VOC’s, surface active, rust inhibitor and industrial lubricant.  HinderRUST™ is a superior industrial anti-rust lubricant and corrosion inhibitor, which is fiercely surface active. It is the creation of the Guinness Book of World Record Holder (Tufoil®) and inventor, Frank Reick.  “This product is an enormous step forward in the world of industrial lubricants,” Reick said. His newest product is a superior lubricant, contains no solvents, displaces water and adsorb quickly.  

Reick explained, “Unlike competitive products, HinderRUST™ has no solvents; it won’t wash away and is great for confined spaces because of its non-aerosol application.”  It was first used in a subway system where aerosols, solvents, and perfumes were outlawed. It was then used on wire rope where its low viscosity and surface activity caused it to soak in and coat every nook and cranny in the cable. Next it was used as a replacement for gooey jells from WWII in railroad bogies.  Living by the sea will cause your machines, boats, and tools to rust, causing expensive repairs. HinderRUST™ will stop rust and corrosion due to salt-water and salt-air. “We did a test where we took samples of steel plates and placed them in a salt fog chamber. After just four days the piece not coated with HinderRUST™ looked like it spent the last hundred years buried with the Titanic. Pieces coated with HinderRUST™ had practically no rust on them whatsoever,” explained Frank.  

Reinauer Transportation, owner of Senesco Marine, is testing the product on their tugboats and wire rope. Reick was pleasantly surprised to discover the product’s success on wire rope and how surface active it is, stating “Our product soaks right in, preventing rust, corrosion and lubricating the wire from the inside to extend its life.” 


  • zero VOC’s
  • soaks right in
  • adsorb quickly
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