LubriMatic Green Catalog


Plews/Edelmann offers a new full-color LubriMatic Green catalog showcasing their eco-friendly line of lubrication products.  This comprehensive catalog features a complete line of products from all purpose lubricants and penetrants, to their full line of greases and oils.
LubriMatic Green products have up to four times the natural lubricity of petroleum-based products and are less likely than traditional lubricants to “thin down” at high temperatures.  This results in superior performance due to less friction and lower equipment operating temperatures.  LubriMatic greases provide 35 percent better wear protection in Four-Ball Weld tests than petroleum based grease. In addition, LubriMatic products have a higher base oil flashpoint and higher film strength than conventional petroleum-based products making them safer to use.
This catalog outlines the latest line of eco-friendly lubricants and how they perform better than standard products.  It includes product photos and full product descriptions of features and benefits, ordering size information and National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) ratings.  In addition, floor display systems with prepackaged products are featured for dealers and retailers. 
“LubriMatic Green products perform better than conventional lubricants and are designed to replace or mix with standard petroleum products for safer and more environmentally friendly lubricants,” said Dave Babics, Senior Product Manager. “This catalog covers the entire LubriMatic Green family with in-depth information on each specific lubricant, grease and oil.”   
From multi-purpose grease to hydraulic oils, all LubriMatic Green lubricants are manufactured from biodegradable resources for environmentally sound products. Each product is made from United States-grown crops and does not have the harsh odor found in traditional lubricants.
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