Luminescence UV Sensors


Luminescence UV Sensors are now available with dual Analog and Digital outputs for increased process throughput.  TRI-TRONICS Company has just introduced the widest line of luminescence sensors available including fiberoptic and extreme long-range (24”) models.  The STEALTH-UVA sensors were designed to detect the presence of invisible fluorescent materials contained in, or added to many products. Now users can differentiate between UV contrast levels for verifying product labels, tamper-proof seals, glue, thread-lockers and invisible registration marks.  These unique sensors are ideal for solving many of today’s toughest applications for analog process control and digital verification.
Features and benefits include:
* Digital outputs: NPN and PNP
*Analog outputs: 4-20 mA, 0-5 V or 0-10 V
*8 bit analog resolution
*Fast response, 200 µs
*One-touch AUTOSET Set-Up
*Four Set Point Modes: Mid-Point, Two-Point, Light State, and Dark State
*Contrast Indicator


• SUPPLY VOLTAGE: 10 to 30 VDC. Polarity Protected. • CURRENT REQUIREMENTS: UVS-1, UVS-2, UVS-3 & UVS-4 - 50 milliamps UVS-5 & UVS-6 - 65 milliamps (exclusive of load). • OUTPUT TRANSISTORS: (1) NPN sensor output transistors. (1) PNP sensor output transistors. Sensor's outputs can sink or source up to 150 milliamps (current limit). Short circuit protected, protected from pulsing at power up. • RESPONSE TIME: Light state response = 200 microseconds. Dark state response = 200 microseconds. • LIGHT SOURCE: UV LED emitter, 375nm wavelength. LIGHT IMMUNITY: Responds to sensor's pulse modulated light source ... immune to most ambient light and strobes, including indirect sunlight. • PUSH BUTTON CONTROL: " One-Touch" AUTOSET™ Pushbutton setup. Tweak adjustments with "up" or "down" buttons. Selection of Light/Dark operation. Enable/Disable Pulse Stretcher. • HYSTERESIS: 2 bars as displayed on Contrast Indicator: Light State switch = 5. Dark State switch = 3. • DIAGNOSTIC INDICATORS: Contrast Indicator - display scaled reading of sensor's response to contrasting light levels (light vs. dark) on an 8 bar LED display. • AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -40C to 70C (-40F to 158F). • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: Chemical resistant high impact polycarbonate housing, acrylic lens cover. Industry Ratings: NEMA 4X, and IP67 • DIMENSIONS: Width: 3.00in (76.2mm), Height: 3.50in (88.9mm), Depth: .75in (19.1mm) • MODEL/USABLE RANGE: Optimal range dependent upon fluorescent concentration, size and surface reflectivity. • Coaxial UVS-1, 0 - 5.0" (0 - 127.0 mm) range UVS-2, 0 - 7.5" (0 - 190. 5mm) range UVS-3, 0 - 10.0" (0 - 254.0 mm) range UVS-4, 0 - 13.0" (0 - 330.0 mm) range • Convergent UVS-5, 2 - 24.0 " (50.8 - 609.6 mm) range • Fiberoptic UVS-6, up to 2.5 " (63.5 mm) range Micro Polished Fiberoptic Light Guide BF-U-36TUV - 0.156" Bundle Size
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