Luna Glow emergency lighting solution


Shat-R-Shield announces the introduction of Luna Glow sleeves to their safety lighting product line.  Luna Glow is an emergency lighting solution that doesn’t rely on main power or batteries, requires no testing or maintenance and is 100% fail-safe.  Offered in T12 and T8 sizes, Luna Glow’s translucent, tubular design slips easily over an existing fluorescent lamp.  Held in place with provided end caps, it then “soaks up” energy from the powered lamp.  When the lights go out -- for whatever reason -- Luna Glow immediately activates and provides its “stored” photoluminescent illumination for quick, safe and orderly evacuation.    

Benefits of using Luna Glow with your existing fluorescent lamps include: low initial cost; no wiring, tools, batteries or maintenance; quick and easy installation; and automatic activation. Ideal for use in interior hallways, exit stairs, elevators, restrooms, storage rooms, underground parking areas, subway tunnels, mines and any enclosed area that may need to be evacuated in an emergency.

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