LynxPOWER™ Industrial Connectivity System


Cooper Wiring Devices, a division of Cooper Industries, has introduced the Arrow Hart® LynxPOWER™ Industrial Connectivity System, a new family of products specifically designed for use in industrial environments. The LynxPOWER system provides custom connectivity solutions to meet customers’ unique application needs in four specific types of application packages: SOFTPower™, Mini-Line™, Micro-Mini & Pico-Line and Industrial Networking. Each of these packages fulfills a unique need, but they all are ideal for use in manufacturing environments that may be harsh and abusive or where there is extended exposure to liquids and oils.

The SOFTPower application package is specifically designed for industrial applications in which electrical connections are exposed to physical abuse—making it perfect for use with industrial manufacturing, production line equipment, modular equipment and food and beverage processing equipment. SOFTPower is rated for use in these environments without the need for raceways and cable trays. SOFTPower’s convenient connection ports help to minimize downtime, ease maintenance and increase safety by replacing traditional hardwiring with a plug-and-run modular pre-wired system.

Similarly, the Mini-Line cordsets and receptacles allow customers to select from a wide range of standard and custom configurations, as well as plex boxes and accessories. They are designed for industrial automation applications in which power or signal connections are exposed to long-term physical stresses and subjected to liquids or oils. Manufacturers using food processing equipment, conveyors and assembly lines as well as packaging equipment will notice the difference when using the Mini-Line application package. The Micro-Mini & Pico-Line package is designed for use in low amperage AC or DC control systems and is specifically designed for sensor and control equipment used in many manufacturing environments today. They are well suited for use in applications that expose signal connections to constant flexing and vibration, plus contaminants, hot chips or welding flash. These include industrial manufacturing, production line equipment, pick-n-place machines, robotic equipment and processing sensors.

The Industrial Network package is specifically designed for data and signal transfer in industrial environments, making it easier to bridge the communication between the office and the factory floor. Featuring a complete line of industrial connectivity solutions, the Industrial Network package can be used with Ethernet, DeviceNet™, Profibus, SDS™, and Seriplex™ systems.

“The LynxPOWER Industrial Network applications are engineered to provide reliable performance in harsh industrial environments,” said Chad Smith, Product Manager at Cooper Wiring Devices. “Standard cables often fail in abusive industrial environments, but with superior materials and a robust design, LynxPOWER Industrial Network applications ensure communication continuity and less downtime.”

All of the LynxPOWER applications are ideal for use in harsh industrial environments and can be custom configured to meet your individual needs.

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