MACbond® IB1161 General-Purpose Tape


Continuing in its tradition of driving cutting-edge solutions for specialty markets, MACtac® Specialty Products introduces MACbond® IB1161, its new industrial-strength, general-purpose bonding solution for a wide range of applications.
MACbond IB1161 is intended as the first choice for use as an assembly aid for bonding foam, felt, cloth, paper, primed wood, metal and many low or unplasticized plastics in a variety of applications that include gasket, seal and trim.

“By listening to our customer base, we recognized the need for an assembly aid that solves most problems and serves as the go-to product for most general applications without hurting their bottom lines,” said Kurt Schramer, strategic business development director, MACtac. “MACbond IB1161 is a well-priced bonding solution that’s neither under- nor over-engineered and bridges the gap between savings and performance.”

A double-faced tape, MACbond IB1161 is a 0.5-mil polyester (PET) film carrier with a self-wound, 60# super calendered kraft (SCK) paper liner that provides good strength and stability for optimum handling through various slitting, laminating and die-cutting processes.  

MACbond IB1161 utilizes MACtac’s newest coating asset and possesses aggressive bonding to a broad range of substrates including many powder-coated paints and other low-surface energy substrates. It converts cleanly and features MACtac proprietary adhesive technology with a good balance of tack and peel.

An alternative to higher-priced bonding tapes, MACbond IB1161 was primarily developed for gasket converters, foam fabricators and wide web laminators as an assembly aid in automotive, electronics, appliance and other specialty market applications.


  • good strength and stability
  • aggressive bonding to a broad range of substrates
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