Machine Shop Essentials


Machine Shop Essentials is written for a wide range of users, including machinists, engineers, model makers, R&D lab technicians, instrument makers, prototype builders, product designers, and gunsmiths who need to make prototypes, models, or spare parts, or need to modify existing equipment. It can also be used to gain a basic understanding of machine tools before moving on to computer-controlled machine tools. More than half the book is devoted to small and medium-size lathes and milling machines. It examines how these machines are constructed, their cutting tools and accessories, and how to use them.


Machine Shop Essentials features:

  • Over 50 detailed drawings
  • Step-by-step instructions for many common machine shop operations
  • Introduction to metal lathes, milling machines, drill presses, and their cutting tools and accessories
  • A review of the most helpful metal shop hand tools 
  • Useful shortcuts, specialized tools, and tips from expert machinists
  • Valuable safety precautions and equipment
  • A comprehensive machine shop glossary
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