Machine Vision Sensor


Omron’s new ZFX machine vision sensor simplifies automated inspection by condensing image-processing know-how into recipes that allow the user to select from auto-listed options, resulting in shorter commissioning time and lower costs. Hardware has been condensed to two pieces—a camera with intelligent lighting and a controller with built-in HMI—from up to nine components that reduce installation costs. The ZFX programming environment uses a live color image for maximum accuracy in setup and monitoring. A three-step setting procedure reduces fumbling with lighting setup and eliminates the tricky parameter details involved in measurement setup.

The radically simplified setup for ZFX vision sensor starts by choosing the best lighting
from a palette of 12 thumbnails of different automatic lighting setups and then refined by
onscreen adjustments to optimize contrast in areas for inspection. Next, the user
chooses from nine measurement tools, including color hue with automatic color filter
selection and up to four color extractions; 360-degree pattern search and a new
“Sensitive search” that subdivides a region into 9, 25 or 100 cells to detect subtle
defects and color variations. Finally, the user sets real-time position correction to
stabilize the search for parts or features presented at random angles and positions. The
ZFX can inspect up to 32 regions of interest with 360-degree rotational search in less
than 28 ms.

The ZFX allows easy integration of image data and position information with automation
systems using onboard communication ports for RS-232C/RS-422, USB 2.0 and
Ethernet; parallel I/O (12 inputs/22 outputs); onboard storage for 100 image data
without slowing measurement speed; and a 2GB SD memory card port to expand data
storage capacity. Live VGA (640 x 480) images can be transmitted to external monitors
and projectors via RGB protocol. The data output from ZFX includes program
judgments, OR logic information and measurements.

Designed for high-speed measurement and inspection applications, the ZFX can be
used for product or package sorting, label inspections, high-speed bottle inspection,
electronics inspection, random position reference and high-speed robotic tool guidance.
The controller for ZFX has a built-in 3.5-inch TFT color LCD touch screen with stylus,
and is available in NPN or PNP output models for one- or two-camera applications.

Color and monochrome cameras with built-in lens and intelligent lighting are available
with fields of view ranging from 1 to 150 mm; cameras with C-mount lenses are also
available. The ZFX controller can be track-mounted directly or panel mounted using an
optional adapter. Optional lighting bars support additional lighting needs.
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