Machine-Washable Welding Coat


The first truly washable welding coat has been introduced by Torch Wear. The Torch Wear® Utility II Welding Coat weighs less than 2 lbs., provides a Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) of 12 cal/cm2, and is machine-washable in cold water. It repels sparks, spatters, molten metals and is abrasion-resistant to provide superior personal comfort. Unlike traditional leather welding coats or those made of conventional FR (flame-resistant) fabric, the Utility II coat does not require dry cleaning. Its innovative protective fabric treatment is bonded to the fibers and cannot be washed out. 

It provides comfortable, all-weather performance and can be worn to work as a raincoat. Waterproof, it easily folds down to fit in the pocket of a pair of cargo pants. At less than 2 lbs., it is less than half the weight of a leather welding coat, which weighs about 5 lbs. Because it is washable, the coat can easily be cleaned to remove grease or oil, helping to reduce the potential for ignition of surface contaminants. The Utility II’s innovative material consists of a sandwich of two fabrics. The base coat fabric is a blend of cotton / modified acrylic fibre type F / Viscose/P-Aramid. A second fabric, Valen-T with TW-55™, a proprietary flame retardant additive, is bonded to the fibers to deliver protection from welding sparks, slag and molten metal. 

The coat is available from stock in sizes Large, X-Large and 2X-Large. Up to 6XL as well as Small or Medium sizes are available via special order. It has a navy blue front and high-visibility orange back.


  • weighs less than 2 lbs
  • repels sparks, spatters, molten metals
  • abrasion-resistant 
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