Machining System for Extruded Profiled Parts


CHIRON America has introduced a series of machines dedicated to machining profiled extruded parts such as airplane seat rails, ski binding plates, inline skate chassis, and more for the aerospace, automotive, electrical, leisure, and construction industries. Parts requiring milling, drilling, countersinking, reaming, tapping, and sawing operations are completely and automatically machined in a single setup, enhancing processing speed and accuracy. Speed is the hallmark of any CHIRON system with 0.5-second tool changes, axis acceleration up to 2 g and rapid feed rates up to 75 m/min (2,955 ipm). The three flexible machines that comprise the series are the MPS08 (Multiple Profile System), the MPS08 Magnum, and the MPS15. Each are stepped in size and capabilities. Bars with cross sections from 67 x 67 mm (2.64") to 120 x 120 mm (4.72") can be accommodated to make a variety of sized parts from less than an inch to several feet long. After being placed in a loading station, the profiled workpeices are automatically transferred with an NC bar feeding mechanism. Machining occurs between the independent clamping elements of two synchronously controlled NC rotary axes and a linear axis. An optional integrated sawing unit can be used to separate the finished part without interrupting the machining operation. Users can also opt for a completed parts gutter or handling device to unload the finished parts. A finished parts table comes standard with the MPS systems.
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