Mag Drive Liquid Ring Pumps


The NASH 2BM1 magnet drive pump series is an enhancement to the dependable NASH 2BE1 series; it is capable of achieving flow rates of 550-13870 GPM (125 to 3150 m3/h) and vacuum of 1” HgA (33 mbar abs). They can also be used as low pressure compressors. Non-contact torque transmission is achieved via a permanent magnet drive system. The 2BM1 pump is hermetically sealed, eliminating any possibility of leakage. This seal is essential for safety in demanding applications, including hazardous and explosive environmental conditions. Certificates of compliance with all ATEX categories are available for the new NASH 2BM1. 

The NASH 2BM1 pumps are completely enclosed and have no shaft seals, eliminating wear and maintenance issues associated with mechanical seals. Each pump’s operating fluid is used for the lubrication and cooling of the bearings and magnetic coupling, eliminating the need for additional lubrication.


  • flow rates of 550-13870 GPM
  • vacuum of 1” HgA
  • completely enclosed 
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