Magnetic Cable Fishing Guide


Fishing wires from the outside to the inside of a building through voids, open spaces and around corners has just gotten a whole lot easier. Jonard Industries introduces the patented Magnamole Magnetic Cable Guide. No more fish tapes, wire hangers or makeshift devices. International award winning device uses a simple four step process and saves time as well – proven by a six sigma study.


• (White) .145" to .169" (Red) .169" to .205" (Gray) .173" to .200" (Black).205" to .232" (Blue) .230" to .295" CAT3, 3.1mm Simplex Fiber Optic Cable CAT5 CAT5, CAT5e RG59, 12 AWG Romex RG6, RG6 TRI, RG6 QUAD • Includes 1 magnetic rod, 2 magnetic extensions, and 5 magnetic caps
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