Magnetic Energy Chain System


Igus® Inc., the leading developer of Energy Chain® cable carriers, Chainflex® continuous-flex cables and iglide® plastic bearings, today announced the development of a pioneering advancement in cable carrier design. New LeviChain is a magnetic Energy Chain System® in which the cable carrier operates suspended in a magnetic force field to virtually eliminate abrasion and noise. LeviChain is the only cable carrier with attracting magnets available on the market today. LeviChain is well-suited for clean rooms, medical engineering, measurement engineering, painting plants, industrial robots, electronics, material handling and linear motors. Iron content is integrated into the Energy Chain which is placed between two attracting magnetic rails. The magnets pull on the iron in the cable carrier causing it to float within the field of attraction. LeviChain is also an igus E-Z Chain designed with a split crossbar for the fastest possible installation or removal of cables and hoses—without any tools. Press the conduit into the carrier to install and pull straight up to remove. The magnetic field will not produce any inductive influence on power or bus cables making LeviChain safe for use with all cable types. LeviChain resists the force of gravity and incurs no vibration because it is held in a constant state of tension. Both the upper run and the lower run can operate unsupported and never touch one another, therefore the usual sliding friction and related abrasion are eliminated and the wear rate is significantly lowered. LeviChain always moves inside the magnetic field prohibiting the emission of any unreeling or gliding noise. It is virtually silent with 41.7 dB(A) at a distance of one yard. LeviChain has been successfully tested at travel lengths of more than 131 feet at a speed of 32 feet-per-second. At a constant speed, the driving force is independent of any additional load. LeviChain requires minimal force to create a high rate of acceleration. A maximum additional load of eight and one-half pounds per yard is easily achieved. The upper and lower run of the LeviChain can move independently of each other in a defined space at high speeds and bending radii between 1.75 inches and 3.94 inches. “We are constantly pushing ourselves to develop new and better solutions to meet our customers’ needs,” said Carsten Blase, vice president of igus. “At first glance, a floating cable carrier may seem incredulous. But once you realize the inherent benefits—virtually no noise or wear—it is immediately clear that this is indeed a well-developed, highly complex system, with real results. Results we know our customers are looking for.” The upper run of LeviChain is always suspended in the magnetic field, but the lower run can be either suspended or placed on supports, depending on the application. This design flexibility provides independent or offset motion and more options for customers. LeviChain can be installed in horizontal, standing or hanging Energy Chain applications. It is currently available in three widths up to 2.95 inches.
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