Magnetic Gear Pumps


Clark Solutions introduces the MGK200 and MGK300 Series Magnetic Drive Gear Pumps. These self-priming gear pumps offer improved performance in terms of flow rate, pressure, and the ability to handle high viscosity fluids.

Available in a range of materials to suit food/chemical/industrial applications including medical and surgical equipment, hemodialysis apparatus, processing equipment, ink-jet printing systems, cooling systems, water purification, and ultra-filtration systems, MGK200/300 pumps provide pulsation-free and noiseless operation. The housing and internal metal parts of these pumps are available in AISI 303, AISI 316L or SAF 2205. Gear materials include PTFE or PEEK™. The PEEK™ encapsulated driving magnet is available in Ferrite or in rare earths.  Connections are ¼” NPT ports.


  • pulsation-free and noiseless operation
  • Gear materials include PTFE or PEEK
  • Connections are ¼” NPT ports.
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