MAGNOS MAU Magnetic Gripper: Auto-magic gripping!


SCHUNK, the specialist in toolholding, workholding and automation technology, now offers an innovative way of handling ferromagnetic workpieces. Until now, magnetic clamping technology was mainly used in stationary workholding systems. The MAGNOS MAU magnetic gripper offers a completely new perspective. Adapted to fit on a robot arm, it ensures a secure hold at very limited space requirements at a low weight.

With the MAGNOS magnetic gripper, handling ferromagnetic workpieces is extremely easy. In the process, the electro-permanent magnets can be activated in seconds. Even in case of power outage, the magnet grippers ensure an absolutely secure hold because electricity is only needed to activate and deactivate the magnets.

MAGNOS magnet grippers can easily be adapted to any robot arm. The number of poles is variable. The pole size is 50 x 50 mm. This ensures the maximum degree of flexibility. MAGNOS MAU is an ideal solution for loading and unloading machines and for handling both smaller and larger workpieces. The holding force per pole with an air gap of 0 mm is 380 da/N, the cycle time is 20 seconds.

SCHUNK’s magnetic clamping solutions are manifold. They enable quick and easy clamping in stationary applications. Moreover, the largely vibration and deformation-free clamping improves the surface quality of the workpieces during the machining operation. SCHUNK’s magnetic clamping solutions are already successfully used as lifting magnets in intra-logistics. By extending the field of application onto handling applications, SCHUNK again proves its competence and innovation in the business areas of toolholding/workholding and automation.


• Size per pole 50 x 50 mm • Holding force per pole with 0 mm air gap: 380 daN • Cycle times of 20 seconds possible • 2-pole, 4-pole, 6-pole, 8-pole. more on request. • Available in sizes (in mm): 150 x100 150 x 150 180 x 180 100 x 100 200 x 150 250 x 180 180 x 100 330 x 180 330 x 100

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