MagStar™ Technologies, Inc. Announces Q², an Advanced New Quickdraw® Conveyor System


HOPKINS, MN—September 22, 2006—MagStar™ Technologies, Inc. (MagStar) has introduced an advanced new Quickdraw® conveyor system called the Q² (Q-squared) Series Conveyor. The Q² saves the end user significant costs by eliminating expensive control panels, software, and metering stops.

The Q² Series was developed to provide a new Quickdraw Conveyor control system offering communication-based transfer of pallets and product between work-cells. “The new Q² offers users the ‘Queue Advantage’ designed specifically to optimize efficient throughput, maximize output on the production line, and significantly reduce operational control costs,” said Dave Helgerson, VP of Development for MagStar. It provides the greatest flexibility in a 50 percent smaller footprint than other competitive conveyor systems, and generates less debris for transport systems used in clean environments, extending the life of the conveyor system as it only operates when product transfer is underway. The Q² Series is designed for cleanroom laboratory and factory automation. Q² can be configured to meet SMEMA communication standards.

The Q² offers modular plug and play operations, allows for simpler line configuration and reconfiguration, and for the option of driving auxiliary devices such as elevators, corner rotates, and shuttles, diverters, and more—all that can be integrated without expensive control panels and software. Because it is based on SMEMA 1.2 Mechanical Equipment Interface Standard, the Q² conveyor system offers easy integration and line configuration of automation equipment. The built-in plug and play controls system eliminates the need for supervisory PLCs and complex pneumatic distribution. It operates in much less space and with much lower power than a typical transfer system.

About the company
MagStar Technologies, Inc. is in the business of contract manufacturing of spindles and custom servo motors, and manufactures magnet assemblies, industrial centrifuges and medical devices. Quickdraw Conveyor systems are MagStar’s proprietary products that are automated systems for material handling in clean room and assembly applications for factory and laboratory environments. Quickdraw® provides ESD protection and low-power consumption. Additional company information can be found at or by calling 1-800-473-8837. Send us questions and comments at
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